We will have you cleaned in no time!

Our extensive 12 step program will have you restored to 100% in no time. This is a dual 12 step program, with our patients responsible for 12 steps and us being responsible for 12 steps. Together we will have you clean in no time.

First let's start with the twelve steps you are responible for:

1. Admitting you have a problem - your fuel consumption has become unmanageable.
2. Come to the realization that Fuel Injector-Rehab is the only thing that can restore your injectors back to good health.
3. Make a decision to turn your injectors over to Injector-rehab
4. Fill out the Injector-Rehab service form. (Click Here)
5. Admit to yourself and your engine that your injectors have not performed up to their full potential.
6. Be entirely ready to have Injector-Rehab remove all defects in your pintle caps, o-rings, filter baskets and grommets..
7. Humbly ask the Injector-Rehab to remove all deposits and debris and balance your flow
8. Make a list of people you need to contact about the service you are about to receive.
9. Do a direct mailing of your dirty fuel injectors to Injector-Rehab
10. Continue to realize that you have made the right decision in choosing Rehab.
11. Through emails or phone calls stay in contact with Injector-Rehab for improved fuel consumption and performance.
12. Have an awakening of your engine's performance when your injectors have been returned and carry this message to others while continuing your clean injector practice.

After you have completed your twelves steps, as your sponsor, we are responsible for the following twelve steps.

1. Each Injector that enters rehab will be visually inspected and assigned a number.
2. Electrical components of the injector are tested for problems in the coil windings.
3. Injectors are put on the flow bench to get a base reading of the flow and spray characteristic of each injector individually. Dynamic flow tests are performed and injectors are run through all stages of operations from ms ramps to RPM ramps to determine any areas of concern.
4. All replaceable components are removed from the injector prior to cleaning.
5. An external cleaning of the injector through a mineral spirits scrub is performed.
6. Additional external cleaning is performed on all metal body injectors to remove any suborn debris with the help of a blast media.
7. Injectors are then placed into an ultrasonic bath with a specially formulated solution for electronic fuel injectors.
8. Injectors are internally cleaned in a second ultrasonic bath with voltage applied to each injector. Injectors are pulsed simulating an operating condition where the ultrasonic waves will break up and dissolve any debris build up. (Internally and Externally) This process can take up to 90 minutes depending on the initial condition of the injector.
9. Injectors are back-flushed under high pressure to ensure all contaminants in the injector are removed as well as any remaining ultrasonic solution.
10. Cleaned injectors are then retested on the flow bench. Dynamic tests and static tests will reveal the new state of flow and spray pattern of each injector.
11. All replaceable components are reinstalled and an oil based solution is applied internally to each injector to prevent any rust after the cleaning process.
12. Before and After reports are prepared for the individually bagged injectors and shipped back to their owner.



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