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Injector Upgrade 94-02 R850

Injector Upgrade 94-02 R850
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Adapter Kit for a Plug and Play Upgrade to R1200xx Injectors for R1100xx

Kit allows user to purchase their own (new or used) set of R1200xx injectors and install them in their R850 to benefit from the newer technology Bosch EV14 Injectors.

Purchase of this kit will give the customer a 10% discount  to our Dynamic Cleaning and Flow Test Service should the purchaser decide to buy used injectors. It is not enough to just throw in a used set of injectors and not verify that they have been flow matched and tested. (Code will be given AFTER purchase of Kit is completed)

Kit will include the following:
2x Top Injector Hats (Fitted with filters as the newer Bosch injectors do not come with them but are required on the R850)
2x Filters (1-109) in Top Hats
2x Upper o-ring (3-100) to replicate original injector o-ring
2x Lower Injector "Pants" (To adapt the longer nozzel at the proper length for ideal atomization and utilize the OEM lower grommet on the OEM injectors)
2x Lower Pants Seal (3-140)
2x Injector Stay
4x Stand Offs for adjusting new Stay Height
4x New Socket Cap Screws
2x R1200xx Replacement o-ring kit (To use on your supplied Injectors)