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300zx JECS Red Top Re-coiled

300zx JECS Red Top Re-coiled
1.00 lbs
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This is a fully recoiled and topped JECS injector.
Will fit all Nissan makes using an EV1 Red Top Injector like the one pictured.
(90-93 300zx)

JECS (Nissan) injectors are extremely prone to coil windings shorting out. The most common way to tell at home that this has happened to yours is the resistance is much higher than the rest of the injectors.

The problem with the OEM design of this injector is that the coating used on the coils was sub-par causing heat generated to break down the coating causing a break in the coil.

Another common issue is that be design they are very hard to remove from the fuel rail. The plastic becomes brittle and when trying to remove from the rail, the plastic top breaks.

These injectors are completely dismantled, coil windings replaced and upper plastic and electrical connector is remolded for perfect direct OEM fit.

This injector requires a core (must send your injector to us). If a core is not sent, there is a $15 core charge you will incur. All cores MUST have a pintle in place. Any Broken Pintle will deem the core unusable and will result in a core charge. NO Injectors will be shipped until either cores have been received, or core charge is paid in full. Recoiling process can take up to 3 weeks from the time of receiving your injectors, but is normally quicker than 3 weeks.