12 Steps

-Injector Flow Conversion
-Injector Size Selection Guide
-Fuel Flow Calculator
-Injector Max Capacity
-2nd Gen RX7 Fuel Calculator
-3rd Gen RX7 Fuel Calculator

Knowledge Base
-Injector Lag Time
-Troubleshooting & Cleaning Injectors
-Injector Flow Rates
-Gas Milage Report
-Fuel Pump Test & Drivability Issues
-A Glossary of Fuel Injector Terms
-Common Problem Injectors
-Injector Duty Cycle (IDC) and explanation on how it is calculated
-An Inside view of an Injector's Internals and how they work
-Test results of a Walro Fuel Pump vs Toyota Supra Pump (nippondenso)
-A look at E85 What it is, how its made
-E85 and injector Size selection using E85
-Selecting the proper Resistors and an Explanation of Why
-An Explanation of AN Fittings (Army Navy) and - Dash sizes as well as NPT (Pipe thread)
-Fuel Pulsation Damper What it is and what it does
-MAP Sensor Pressure vs Voltage 1 Bar, 2 Bar and 3 Bar
-Money Paid for your old Injector Cores
-Customer Reviews of our Service

FAQ (Frequetly Asked Questions answered)
-Shipping Details Where to ship, shipping options
-Service Details Injector types, service info ect
-Turnaround Time When Injectors will be completed and returned
-Payment Types, Options
-Contact Us Mailing address, Phone Number, Fax Number, Toll Free Number, E-Mail address

Checking Into Rehab
-Starting the Check-in Process 1st Step of sending in your injectors for service

-Buying NEW Injectors
-Electrical Connectors Injector Clips and Plugs, Pigtails
-EFI Tuning Tools Wideband Gauges and Meters
-Diesel Injectors
-DIY Rebuild Kits O-Rings and Pintle cap kits by vehicle
-Individual Injector Components Pintle Caps, O-Rings, Grommets, Spacers, Filter Baskets, Filters




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