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Shipping FAQs

Service & Components FAQ

Service prices and options are posted on the site. Please check the “Injector Cleaning Category” in our shop.

We are currently running same to next day turn around for top-feed port injection and Air Injectors. For side-feed, High Pressure GDI and Piezoelectric please see each item page for current turnaround times.

No. If there was an update, your order would have been updated. Have you ever driven in the car with a someone who asks “are we there yet” every few minutes? If you have, you will understand why we packed up your unfinished injectors, sent them back to you and refunded your order.

Each item has an example of the type of injector the component fits under the “Detailed Images” tab in the product description. These are not the only injectors they fit, but is a great starting point. You can also check the Vehicle Search tool on most pages of the site. We also have a detailed application guide accessible from any page on the site located in the upper right corner.

Not every single car is going to have what we call a “kit”. We have all the parts to make a “kit”, but you will need to add the items to your cart individually. For help with this, we have a detailed application guide accessible from any page on the site located in the menu. We only list the most popular “kits” that people tend to order. Just because you do not see it in a “kit” format, does not mean you can not get it from us.

It is recommended that you purchase extra parts at the time of purchase. It is very easy to tear an o-ring while installing, misplace a filter, crack a pintle cap ect when trying to install new parts. It is much cheaper to buy them at the time of purchase than it is to need to pay for shipping a single o-ring later due to an install error. These are all “replaceable” parts and WILL break, Tear, get lost, or crack. The shipping of a replacement part still costs us money to ship back to you, so unfortunately we must pass that cost back onto you if these extra components are not purchased at the original time of purchase, and you need an additional replacement. These mishaps at install time also cause delays to you, the installer because you don’t have a spare $.50 part available to use.  

It is recommended that you purchase BOTH of these if you are not sure. This is why we put that “warning” on the site to alert you of this. There is no way to tell on many injectors which one you will need by simply providing us with a make and model. At the time of install you will be happy you spent the additional few cents to make things go smoother rather than having to re-order and pay shipping twice and wait for delivery because you don’t have the correct part available to use the first time.  

Unfortunately…. No. It may be something we add in the future, but not at this time

No. Components will be replaced if you select to have them Cleaned and Flow Tested, or Dynamic Cleaning. There is no need to purchase the components unless you have a side feed injector. Side feed filters are not replaced with service.

No. Included in the price of service, Side Feed injectors will have their filters ultrasonically cleaned, not replaced. Should you want them replaced, you will need to purchase them through the site.

If you are unsure of your ability to swap out an o-ring or change a pintle cap, then you more than likely should not be attempting this.

No. We do however have a removal tool that is available for purchase. Without the tool, you can use a simple machine screw clamped by a vice and gently turn the injector on the screw and pull away from the screw when you feel it catch. The filters are not that difficult to remove. Installing the new filter is as easy as dropping the filter in place and gently tapping on it with the flip side of the removal tool until it sits flush. That’s it. Done.

No. This is as straight forward as replacing the filter. If the Caps have not cracked off your injector and you need to remove them, the best thing to do is to use a utility knife to make a single cut down one side of the cap to be able to easily pry the cap off.
Installing the new cap is as easy as sliding the new cap on. Common sense will tell you that these caps need to be tight, so they may feel like they are the wrong size. If that is the case, heating the cap prior to applying pressure to slide them on will ensure the plastic is not as brittle and will not crack your new cap. Again, it is always recommended to buy more than the number of injectors you are servicing to allow for any install errors.
*Be VERY careful when installing new caps on Pintle Style injector. If you are using a hard surface to press the caps on, be sure there is enough clearance under your hard surface to not damage the injectors pintle. At home, you can use a piece of wood with a hole drilled in it as a “relief” for the actual pintle when applying pressure to the injector to fit it with a new cap. 

No. It is all very self-explanatory. I have never seen instructions for underwear, but I would imagine they would be very similar to the instructions for o-rings. They would probably read something similar to this:

Step 1: Remove old Crusty (replace Crusty with your choice of many words) o-rings. (You could also replace o-rings with Underwear)
Step 2: Clean area crusty o-rings came from with a clean cloth.
Step 3: Replace with the newly purchased o-rings.
Step 4: Dispose of crusty o-rings.

 Yes, but that depends on the service you have selected. Components will NOT be replaced if you select to have them flow tested only. If select Clean and Flow or the Dynamic service, YES they WILL be replaced. Side Feed filters are the exception and will only be cleaned, not replaced unless you purchase the filters in addition to the service.

Yes we can, and do return them. It is standard practice to return these parts. Please make sure you include the original parts that came from the injectors being serviced. Sometimes these parts tell us a story about the injectors being serviced. If you were experiencing a leak and remove all o-rings before sending them in for service, we would not be able to tell you where the leak was coming from.

Injectors can be sent in still in the fuel rail but additional charges will apply for Injector-Rehab to remove the injectors. The additional cost is $6 per injector. Injector-Rehab will not be held responsible for ANY damage caused from the removal process. We recommend removing the injectors from the rail yourself.

You will not be charged if we can not perform the service. If the injector is DOA (Dead on arrival) we will not perform the service. However, there is a minimum bench charge of $5 per injector for tests performed to declare the injector “DOA”. The difference will be credited back to you.

In a lot of cases, we are able to source a replacement. The replacement injectors are from various sources. Most are serviced injectors out of other cars. The price and availability vary depending on many things such as: Time (we may be able to get them, just no cores available at that time), Injector part number / how common it is ect. In all cases, there is a core charge in addition to the price of the injector. Unfortunately, if you find yourself in this scenario, you do not have a “usable” core and the core charge will apply and is not refundable.

We recommend that you reinstall them within at least 30 days of service date. We DO make it standard practice to lubricate the injector’s internals after service, but depending on the individual injector some problems can occur if left sitting to long. Some of these problems can include, but are not limited to, poor spray pattern, becoming stuck open or closed or leaking under pressure. If this is the case and your service date is within 45 days of the date you contact us about the problem, you can send the injectors back to us to correct the issue at no additional service cost. You will be responsible for inbound and outbound shipping. Please note that some injectors may show these symptoms sooner than 30 days by design. 30 Days is the average for top feed. Side-Feed and TBI injectors should be installed and used within 15 days as these injectors tend to show these symptoms much sooner!

Yes, we offer an insurance program to reduce the overall cost for those who use this service on a regular basis. Please contact us with any questions about this.



Our Shipping Address is:

PO Box 1547
Blackwood, NJ 08012

Shipping Address if you ABSOLUTELY MUST use UPS or FedEx is:

200 Davistown Rd
Box 1547
Blackwood, NJ 08012

Please note that shipping with UPS or FedEx to this address 99.9% of the time WILL result in delivery issues and delays. It is requested that you use USPS (United States Postal Service) for shipping ALL / ANY packages to us in a timely manner.

When packaging the injectors, it is highly recommended that you place the injectors in a standard zip lock bag. This helps contain the fuel smell. (Makes the shipping company happy!) Damage can occur in transit, so it is recommended that you do not just throw the baggie in a box without any packing material. Shipping them in a bubble envelope is not recommended. A box is much more protective.

Turn-around time can depend on several factors. The shipping method you chose to send you injectors in, and the return method you chose will partially determine this. The type of injector and the current work load in the lab also play a role in the turn-around time. Purchasing service you would like in the shopping cart allow us to know your injectors on the way. If we know your injectors are on their way, we can schedule a time slot for them to ensure they are completed on time and no service delays occur. Please email us should you have any questions.

Absolutely. A few things need to be discussed first. Paying for your injectors BEFORE sending them in is a HUGE help in ensuring your injectors are returned in your time frame. Additional payment for faster shipping is also required.

That would depend on what you are shipping to us. Honestly, this is between you and the shipping company. If a claim needed to be made in the event of a mishap with your package on it’s way to us, the claim would be between you and the shipping company. Don’t insure a package for $10,000 if it is only worth $500. We would suggest that you insure the package for the amount it would cost to replace what you are shipping.

We suggest you take advantage of the tracking system provided by the shipping company to track your package.  We will not be stopping everything we are doing to go rummage through all the packages we received that day to let you know the same thing the tracking number already shows you.

Return Shipping Insurance is not included in the Free return shipping price. However, you ARE able to purchase return shipping insurance at a rate of $2 per Hundred.

Yes we do. You will need to email us your location to get a quote as injector service includes free shipping for US Customers, but is not included in International Shipments. This is an additional Cost over what the shopping cart system can calculate at check-out.

NY (Typically Jamaica NY to be exact) is the last place tracking for any international package shipped with regular USPS shipping. Unless you specified with us to use UPS (and pay a ridiculous amount more than the website generated as a quote) you will NOT have any tracking after that point. International packages shipped this way take FOREVER! In addition, 99.5% of all customers complaining about a package taking too long is because the import & customs department in their country require a signature. Or, they owe duty to release. The is not something we can do. YOU have to do that, in your country. Whomever delivers your mail on a daily basis is more than likely waiting for you to contact them.  Do that, because that is how your package will be released to you. we have absolutely NOTHING to do with the trade deals between our countries, tariffs imposed or duty due.

Yes. Please purchase the service in the store you wish to receive to allow you to print your receipt to include with your injectors. This paid invoice MUST be sent in with your injectors.

You can get this rate by adding the items you desire to your cart, viewing your cart, and updating the location to your particular zip code.

Chances are that you did not follow the instructions and include any paperwork (from checking in) in your package. We receive dozens of packages a day. If you did not include any info (your Invoice) we have no idea who sent us the package. Many people use a shipping store like the UPS Store or mailboxes ect and we have no return address. We are in the injector business, we don’t do investigating. If a package is sent with no info, we put it in our lost and found pile until we are contacted. We will not chase you down to try to figure out who sent in what package.

Warranty & Return Policy

Each injector serviced is tested before returning them to the customer with state of the art equipment at the service level they have selected and paid for.

We assume no liability and will not pay for labor, damage, rental car, hotel, towing claims, etc. arising from the installation or use of the serviced fuel injectors and/or purchased injectors. We do not authorize any person, agent, distributor, dealer, repair technician, service facility, or company to change, modify, supplement or amend this policy. We are not responsible for any items lost during shipment to or from our facility.

We have no control to insure the proper installation or knowledge the condition of the rest of the fuel system. Improper handling and/or installation can damage the injector and may cause fuel leaks. It is recommended that you consult a service manual specific for your application or hire a trained mechanic if needed.

We do not warranty cleaned injectors, since no moving components are replaced during the course of our service. If you believe that you have an injector problem after receiving your serviced injectors, please contact within 15 days and we will attempt to help determine what the problem may be.

If you purchased serviced injectors from us and there was a warranty stated, the warranty is on the injector itself, NOT on the cleaning. Should you need the injectors cleaned, we offer that service by clicking “Injector Cleaning” on the left side of any page on the site. Price of this is NOT included in the warranty.

Warranty FAQ

Please see above.

Simply put, whatever lead to needing to address your injectors in the first place was not addressed.

We only service and see the injector. The entire rest of your fuel system has the potential to cause damage and foul your injectors. If the issue leading you to addressing your injectors in the first place was not addressed, the newly installed injectors are being exposed to the same contaminants. Think of it this way…. There is broken glass, nails, screws and other sharp debris all over your driveway. You back your car out and drive a few miles only to notice that the tires are flat, filled with holes and torn up. You take your car to get new tires. After they are replaced, you drive home. Everything seems great as you pull into your driveway, never cleaning up the debris, and are puzzled as to how these tires could be flat. How dare that tire shop say the tires they put on would work!

Of course there is! We will happily help you get your injectors back to new, however there are costs on your end to be aware of before sending them back for repair. We have a discounted rate for these situations, but inbound and return shipping will also need to be paid by the customer.

Good luck with them should you have a problem. We tell you upfront what to expect. We do not hide behind vague implied warranties. There is no company that will offer more of a warranty that we do, we are just upfront about it.

All sales from Injector-Rehab that have been shipped are final. We do not accept returns for components under any circumstance. Please make sure you would like to purchase prior to submitting your order. If you have questions on what components you need, please ask BEFORE placing your order.
If you request to cancel an order before it is shipped out, we will gladly refund you 100%.