Fuel Injector Cores

One of the most important parts of the fuel injector reconditioning service field is the availability of good fuel injector cores. We purchase cores from a variety of sources and are always looking for more. To those of you who have continued to support us with sourcing cores we want to thank you.

Getting involved in the reward process and getting paid for fuel injectors you have sitting around is easy. A few simple steps on your part and you are on your way to receiving CASH or credit for future services. Below you can also see the core guide that is used for returning cores when purchasing refurbished injectors from us that have a core charge. The same policy exists with cores sent in for rewards.

The first thing you will need to do is simply box up all the fuel injectors you have. Please make sure to include our core program shipment form. Next you will need to send the cores AND core form to us. We prefer USPS, but you can use the shipping service of your choice depending on what you are shipping. If you have a large quantity we can also offer our pick-up service. Please ship the packages to us at the address on the form.

Processing the Fuel Injector Cores

Fuel Injector cores are inspected and sorted upon arrival. We will keep a receiving log with the number of injectors sent along with part numbers. Once they are sorted, the injectors will go through a few inspections to ensure we have received useable cores. If any cores are not useable, these cores will be discarded. After inspection a total value will be assigned and you will be contacted to let you know the total. At this time you can chose to keep the money as a credit towards future injector service OR request a check for the total amount.

The reward amount per injector will vary on what cores are sent in. Some cores can pay as much as $15 to $20 per injector, where others may only pay $.50. The prices are determined by the current availability and demand on that particular injector part number. Unfortunately you can not dictate to us the rate you are looking for. Would you go to the local scrap yard and tell them you want $50 per lb for # 3 Copper when they are only paying $1.75/lb for that material? No, you would not, and you can not. It is the same thing with us.

Getting Top Dollar for your Cores

What can you do to ensure you are getting top dollar for your cores? The following are great ways to allow us to get you the MOST money for them in the Quickest time possible

  • Have them sorted out. Receiving large boxes of random injectors takes us time in processing. The faster we can process, the quicker you get paid.
  • Full sets pays a higher price. If your injectors came from a V8 powered car, sending an amount other than a full set of 8 will pay less $ per Injector.
  • Newer injectors pay more. They are more relevant and we more than likely have less of a chance of having 5K of that injector sitting on the shelf.
  • Check our current Highest paying buy list, available by clicking here.
  • Emailing us before sending them in. It is highly recommended that you email us a list of what you have available to send, and we can send you back what we pay. We will not be responsible to cover your inbound shipping costs if you send us injectors we do not want. There are MANY injectors we actually pay to get rid of because they are so common and we get so many of them.