The following pictures are of injectors that are prone to failure. If you have an injector that looks like one of the following and it is giving you trouble, you are not alone. By original design, they fail very often. Unfortunately we see these injectors more often than we would like.

Rochester Multec

Coil windings short out internally resulting in a drop (or rise) in resistance. These can sometimes be tricky to detect at home. When the injector is not being pulsed, the injector could ohm out to spec, but once they are energized the problem shows its effects and the resistance will rise or fall. Once this problem occurs, there is nothing that can be done other than to replace the injector. Known for continual leaking. Will be corrected and start leaking again shortly after.
We go so fed up with dealing with these injectors that we dumped 10’s of thousands of cores into our dumpster and vowed to never sell another reman’d core as long as we are in business. One of the biggest pieces of $@#t injectors ever made.
These were commonly found on many GM models from the late 80’s to early 90’s having a grey or black top.

Delphi Multec II

These Delphi injectors tend to built and retain carbon deposits around the outlet (discharge side) restricting fuel flow. If you are receiving a misfire code (even if not a consistent misfire code) a probable cause is the carbon deposits restricting flow. Our service can fix this common problem.

Mitsubishi Starion / Conquest

These injectors tend to leak around the body of the injector. The leak will come from between the plastic molding on the top and the metal body. This leak is very common and can not be fixed. Replacement is necessary.


These come mainly from the 4.0L Jeep engines found around the late 80’s. Theses injectors leak where the plastic molding meets the metal body of the injector. The bad thing with these are that it seems that if your injector is not currently leaking, it will. Once this begins, there is nothing that can be done to fix this issue. We do however have a replacement that is much less likely to leak.

Jecs (Nissan / Infinity & Subaru)

These side feed injectors are VERY prone to the coil winding breaking down. (This problem can happen on any color top of the injector, not just the one pictured bellow.) This will cause a rise or fall in resistance. This very common problem can not be fixed with our service. Replacement is necessary.

Cold Start Injectors (Most)

These cold start injectors become a problem over time. Not all applications use a cold start injector. We are able to test some of these, other we are not able to test. They do not respond well to cleaning.