Like or Standard service, this service is also for port injection. Our standard fuel injector cleaning and flow testing only goes so far. Sometimes you need to know more than the static flow results tell you. This is where the Dynamic Testing comes into play.

With dynamic fuel injector cleaning and flow testing your injectors will receive all the same services as our standard service. Additionally, your fuel injectors will be tested in a dynamic environment that replicates real world scenarios. Changing fuel pressures, pulsing in an RPM and a millisecond opening duration ramp simulating going from idle to redline.

Included with Dynamic Testing

Everything that comes in our Standard Cleaning and Flow Testing is included. In addition to this you will also receive:
– 2 Page Report
– Performance Calculations
– Ramped Testing for millisecond duration
– Ramped Testing for fuel pressure
– Dynamic Ultrasonic cleaning
Dynamic back flushing fuel injectors

Benefits over Standard

One benefit is to be able to pinpoint specific issues you may be experiencing. Something like an engine stumble at 3100 RPM’s or an overall loss of power over 4000 RPM’s. Data logs from many programmable Engine Management Systems (EMS) can show some areas of trouble and we can help pinpoint an issue. We have the full ability to control and program the fuel injectors to operate in whatever condition or capacity we want. More importantly, we have the ability to record the results of that condition.

How to know you want Dynamic

One may say; if you don’t know why you would need dynamic service, you do not need it. Transversely, if you want the better of the two services, you would opt for dynamic. Even though you may not understand all the info you will get over standard service, there is peace of mind knowing your fuel injectors have gone through a higher level of scrutiny. Just because I don’t understand all the benefits of a better winter tire, doesn’t mean I’m not going to buy it.

How to Order Injector Cleaning

We have a detailed write up on the simple process of how to order and sending your injectors in for cleaning and flow testing. This will walk you through the entire process from start to finish.