I just completed a recent test on the increased fuel mileage variance in a 1999 Honda civic. The test was done with every day driving. Logs were kept of the miles per gallon achieved at each fill up. After 2 months, the injectors were taken out of the car and had a full injector service in the Injector-Rehab lab, just as if they were a customer’s injectors that were sent in. After the cleaning, logs were kept again of the new average fuel mileage. The results were very interesting. The injectors were not showing any sign of a problem. This test was done to prove that even a perfectly running car can benefit from the injector service and that it would be beneficial for the consumer over the course of a year. This particular car had 98K miles on the clock before the test were started.

Old average fuel mileage before the injector cleaning was 27.87 miles per gallon.

After the injector cleaning, the new average fuel mileage was 31.72 miles per gallon.

Driving conditions of both tests did not vary. These tests were done with just every day driving habits. Some highway mileage mixed in with city driving along with standard rush hour traffic. Each fill of the gas tank was done at the same station, with the same octane. When the injectors were initially tested on the flow bench, they were only showing a variance of 3.212%. After the ultrasonic cleaning and balancing, they has a system balance of .025%

With these results, we can draw the following conclusions.

Miles per gallon increased by 3.85 miles. This is an increase of 13.8% and it can be calculated to save an average of $.018 per mile. This is based on the current national average of “Regular” fuel (6/30/08) of $4.103

With these figures, in the Honda Civic, and using the national driving average of 12,000 miles per year… this would equate to be a savings of $214.16 over the course of a year. Now, I personally drive roughly 15,000 miles, so this savings would equate to $267.70

From these results, I can honestly say that I have confidence that the cost of the injector cleaning can and will save you money in the long run. The service WILL pay for itself in no time. Preventative maintenance is done every day on cars. Things such as rotating tires, oil changes, transmission flushes, coolant system flush ect… Don’t leave out and neglect your fuel injectors