Managing Expectations

You are excited that you found a place that is actually able to clean and flow test your BMW Piezoelectric Injectors at the actual high pressure! This is going to save me like $3500! Awesome! Sign me up!

Not so fast. Let’s slow down and discuss this a little more. Your expectations should not exceed what the results could possibly be. First off, please understand this service is for Index 11 and Index 12 Injectors. It really is only for Index 12. However, there is a decent enough success rate with Index 11 that we have been lumping them in with the Index 12’s. ANY other index below 11 (10 and under) we do not recommend even attempting this service. That being said, we will attempt it if you are paying for it. Just know, we warned you. The success rate is extremely low. Understand this is coming from a company in business to make money. We would rather see you put that money towards newer Index 12’s than to gamble on this cleaning or Piezo Stack Regeneration working for you.

I can’t believe we even have to put this in here, but YES everything stated on this page applies to “leaking injectors”. Sorry, you aren’t special. That’s the #1 issue, so again, YES, it includes your scenario. We expect you will still ask, so we will just redirect you to this page and you can read the rest. We took the time to write this all out to arm you with as much information as possible before making you decision. It’s up to you to do your homework ahead of time.

Lower Index Injectors

BMW Piezoelectric fuel injectors under an Index 12 were revised for a reason. The revisions weren’t just for the hell of it. Our Cleaning and Flow Testing Service for N54 N63 and N74 Fuel Injectors does not bring them up to Index 12 Specs. Earlier Indexes were very prone to leaking. Either major leaks or leaking resulting in higher flowing injector. This is a design flaw. It is not something cleaning can fix.

Piezo stacks on earlier Index fuel injectors often benefit greatly from the regeneration process. That being said, it only matters on an injector that is working properly and not leaking. In addition, regenerating the Piezo Stack can also cause an injector that is not leaking to form a leak sooner than would have. So, it is a trade off. You are reminding the injector what it is capable of doing. At the same time, you are allowing it to operate in ranges it hasn’t done in years. I would equate it to reminding an older person how fun climbing a tree is and giving them pain pills. I’d be willing to bet if they feel well enough to go climb that tree, it probably isn’t going to end well.

Index 12 Results

So you have Index 12 Siemens VDO fuel injectors for a BMW N54, N63, or N74 and need them cleaned. A set of Siemens VDO 1353-7585261-12 Fuel Injectors. We can help. That being said, please follow along with some more info on this process. Index 12 fuel injectors still have issues. Just because they are Index 12 doesn’t mean you are in the clear. Piezoelectric injectors are sorta one of those things you could say is ahead of it’s time. Always has been and always will be. The theory and technology behind them is amazing, but over a decade later still doesn’t work 100% and they fail more often than they should.

The success rate of cleaning standard port injection injectors has had an impact on the expectation with Piezo fuel injectors. With standard port injection fuel injectors, you are just about guaranteed we can get them back to life again. Obviously there are exceptions, but it is probably somewhere near 99.5% success rate. With the Piezoelectric, the success rate is probably closer to 75% – 80%. Translate that into a set of 6 injectors being sent in means there is a very good chance about 2 of them are not going to be in spec even after cleaning. You must also be aware that even after cleaned with good results, we have NO control on what happens to your injectors after you have installed them back into your fuel system. They could fail again in 5 hours, 10 days, a year. You are not to expect that we just “bullet proofed” your injectors. We do not express or imply ANY warranty around them.

Now lets discuss what “In Spec” means. First off all, it does not mean the injector does not work. It means the injector flows outside a hard limit or minimum. Siemens VDO provides us with these limits. This is what every New in the Box Index 12 fuel injector “Should” flow. I can 100% tell you we have seen dozens upon dozens of New fuel injectors fail this test. Not by much, but it does happen. We do not alter any test plan minimums or limits to force an injector to be within spec. It can have a limit for just say 33.5 mm3/STRK. Results on that plan come back at 33.6 and the injector has failed. Again, this does not mean it does not work. It may perform like a rockstar, but the test results will show it is out of spec.

Often times with Piezoelectric fuel injectors, an injector can pass all test plans on the Before Cleaning test. After cleaning, it is often possible they fail a test result or two or 3. The normal results to see are an injector flowing more after cleaning. This is common on pretty much every type of fuel injector, but more so on Piezoelectric fuel injectors. Port injection, CPI, SCPI, Throttle Body, and even GDI fuel injectors can often fail as flowing higher than they should, and flow less after cleaning. On Piezo, I can probably count on one hand how many times this has been the case.

Be ready for the results

Just be aware of these things when choosing to have yours fuel injectors cleaned. We don’t have some magic solution and don’t want to portray this is the case. We want to be as upfront with customers as possible. You may wonder why anyone would do it if it is not guaranteed. It’s because it will still save you money. Just because test results may show an injector “failing”, does not mean the injector is garbage. BUT Speaking of garbage, understand that under an Index 11, we recommend putting the money you would have spent on cleaning towards new injectors.

We wish you the best with your issues with Piezoelectric fuel injectors and feel your pain. These things are very expensive and it hurts the wallet when they fail on you. If we can give one other word of advice it would be about having them tested by a company that uses port injection machines. If the company is touting “spray pattern” or measuring volume in cc/min or lb/hour, run. I am willing to bet they have a much better “Success Rate” than us. We would have that same “Success Rate” if we used the wrong equipment and tested at no more than 10 Bar of pressure too. They literally can tell you no relevant info about the health of your Piezoelectric injector. These machines are great for port injection, but adapting them to be able to drive a Piezoelectric is deceiving.

Lastly, if the results are not what you were hoping for, there is no refund for service. We do our best to save every customer money by refunding what can be refunded. For example, if an injector is clearly trash but you paid for new components, we aren’t going to install good components on an injector that is no good. If an injector is leaking so bad it can’t be repaired and you paid for piezo stack regeneration, we aren’t going to perform that service., but rather refund you for that portion of the order. Should you happen to file a claim with a credit card company for any reason, this will be the fist page we refer them to in disputing your attempted chargeback. We are as upfront as humanly possible and have not been in business for over 20 years because we are scam artists. The end results of the long process are not our responsibility and it takes just as much time to be able to deliver undesirable results as it does to deliver great results. Many times, it takes more time to have to deliver undesirable results to a customer. This is unfortunate, but we need to be compensated for our time and effort otherwise we might as well stop offering this service to the masses.