How to Order Injector Cleaning

To send your fuel injectors to us for cleaning and flow testing, you just need to follow a few simple steps. Once you have decided which service is best for you, you will simply add the service to your cart like any other e-commerce on the web. You just need to change the quantity to the number of fuel injectors you will be sending in. We do have a minimum qty of 2 injectors.

Additional Services Available

Some people may be curious to see the spray pattern differences and volume of flow differences and we can accommodate this be recording your set. Video of the before and after flow portion of the injector cleaning process is available. These videos will either be posted on our social media accounts (and tag you if you provide your account) or on our YouTube Channel.

Skipping the line is an option. This comes in handy for those in a hurry on days where our work load may push them back. Be aware that others may have also skipped the line. Depending on the workload, it may not guarantee you are absolutely first that day to have your fuel injectors cleaned and flow tested.

Return Shipping insurance is an option. The calculated shipping rate at checkout is just for shipping. This does not include insurance on a damaged or misplaced package. Fuel Injectors are not cheap to replace. Consider adding this for peace of mind.

Ready to Send them to us?

Once you have added all the services you desire, you need to pay for your order. Once your order is placed you are ready to send them in. your first step is to print your invoice. It will pop up on your screen as well as be emailed to you. If you can’t print it, leave a piece of paper in the box with ALL your contact info as well as the order number so we can match the package to an order.

Please use USPS and ship to our PO Box. This allows us to get all packages for the day in at the same time first thing in the morning. Although we have an idea of what is coming in, having everything for the day at once helps us come up with a game plan of attack to best serve all customers. Further info around shipping, as well as our address, can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions.

Our Shipping address is a PO Box. Please DO NOT use UPS or FedEX to ship to this address.

PO Box 1547
Blackwood NJ 08012-1547

If you Absolute MUST use UPS or FexEx, use this address, but know that it more than likely will result in a delay in us receiving them.

200 Davistown Rd
Blackwood NJ 08012-1547

Dropping off Injector in Person

First and foremost, drooping off your injectors to us is NOT going to get them back to you any faster. If you feel like wasting hours of your life driving them here , paying tolls, and wasting fuel, you are more than welcome to do so. Just know it is not going to speed up your turnaround time.

We do allow injectors to be dropped off to us. However, we do not interact with customers. Covid-19 has messed that up along with tons of customers in the past. We get nothing done when people want to talk for hours and see how it’s done. If you are interested, follow us on social media. We post lots of videos. You can watch it there while not taking us away from getting someone else’s injectors back to them so they can drive their car, get their boat back together or win that race this coming weekend. Sorry. We are sure you are an awesome person, we just don’t have the time while we are here to be socializing.

To drop them off, please act as if you were mailing them. Place your order on the website. Print your invoice out and include it in your box/bag. Our drop box is on the rear corner of the building. If you were turned around in our rear parking lot to leave, looking at the rear of the building, the box is on the LEFT side of the building. If you are in your car driving back out, it is on your right side as you were leaving down the driveway. Once you leave the package, txt us or email us letting us know they are there. Yes, it is safe to leave your package.
55 E Church St
Blackwood NJ 08012

See the picture above? DO NOT leave your injectors like this. No paperwork of order placed. No contact information. No nothing…. This is an absolute sure way to get us to do nothing with them. As stated above, place your order online and BOX them up as if you were shipping them in. You are just the delivery person. See below on the price difference for not following the instructions.

When you are paying for your service online before dropping off, please select at that time your return method. We can either ship them back or you can pic up in the same place you dropped them off. If you are selecting local drop off, will will not call you to let you know they are done. You will receive an email stating that your order has been completed. When you receive this email, it means you can pick them back up from the same drop box.

No, you cannot wait for them to be done.

Service must be paid before we receive them to get the online pricing

The price on our website is a half-off discount over sending them in without paying for service before we receive them. Example: Pay for Dynamic Service online BEFORE shipping them in, the cost is $25 per injector. Send them in and pay AFTER we receive them, the price is $50 per injector. Even if you send them in without paying, we will not start service on the injectors until you clarify what you would like done. Be sure to pay for your service BEFORE sending them or dropping them off.