The Quick Details

  • Cost = $20 Per Injector
  • Turnaround is same to next day from receiving them (in most cases)
  • Order service HERE
  • A Before and After report is included
  • All serviceable components are included and replaced with service*
    *For all components that are actually available. There are cases where a particular part may not be available for various reason.

Our Standard Fuel Injector Cleaning and Flow Testing tests “Port Injection” fuel injectors in a wide open, static flow test. Port injection refers to injectors that spray into the intake port, not directly into the engine’s combustion chamber. Static flow means the injectors are wide open, not pulsing. This test returns the results many people “know” an injector as flowing as a measure of volume.

When a fuel injector is rated as a 36lb injector or a 1000cc injector, this is static flow. In addition, it is also rated at a steady pressure. Under operating conditions in an engine, a fuel injector should never runs static. However, a static flow test can reveal a lot about the fuel injector’s health.

Our standard Fuel Injector Clean and Flow Testing is all that is needed to test that your injectors are working correctly, in most cases. More extensive testing can reveal unforeseen underlying conditions. Higher horsepower applications should consider our Dynamic Fuel Injector Cleaning and Flow Testing.

Included with Standard service

Coil Check (Ohms)Volume Test
Leak Down Test to 100 psiInternal Lubrication
Ramp Test to 10K RPMPulse Width Ramp Test (to 18 ms)
Spray Pattern AnalysisComprehensive Flow Report
3 Step Cleaning ProcessBalance Report
Replace all Serviceable Parts (Pintle caps, filter baskets, O-Rings, Grommets)*Data Sheet Saved at Injector-Rehab for 1 year and can be requested at any time.

Fuel injectors will be individually bagged and numbered so you can reference the flow sheet to match the injector to the performance report. If not numbered for us, a random order will be selected and assigned to each fuel injector cleaned. If you were having a specific issue with a cylinder, it is best to number your injectors before sending them in to know the results corresponding to your particular issue.

How to Order Injector Cleaning

We have a detailed write up on the simple process of how to order and sending your injectors in for cleaning and flow testing. This will walk you through the entire process from start to finish.