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14mm Short NGI-2 Adaptor

14mm Short NGI-2 Adaptor
0.10 lbs
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This adaptor lets you use the newer Short NGI-2 Injectors in place of the Older (Longer) EV1 style Injectors.

Newer adaptor makes this Bosch 2200cc "Short" injector the old standard 60mm length.

No need to change out your fuel rail to be able to utilize new technology in fuel injectors. This adapter will adapt the length of your injectors to fit your current setup while also providing filtration through the adaptor. Newer injectors are not equipped with a filter which is required on older vehicles.

14mm Viton O-Ring, Fuel filter and Mounting Clip included.

Anodized Purple Indicating 14mm Component

Use this Adaptor with Bosch 210lb Injector (0280158821) to achieve the same results as other new "2000cc Injectors" all while keeping the extra $50 Per Injector in your pocket.