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FAQ's about components

Q: What parts do I need for my injector?
A: Each item has an example of the type of injector the component fits under the "Detailed Images" tab in the product description. These are not
the only injectors they fit, but is a great starting point. Please take some time and look through before asking as 99% of the time your answer is on the site. We also have a detailed application guide accessible from any page on the site located in the upper right corner.

Q: I don't see a "kit" for my car and I need to order one, what do I do?
A: Please see the #1 FAQ on this page. Not every single car is going to have what we call a "kit". We have all the parts to make a "kit", but you will need to add the items to your cart individually. For help with this,
we have a detailed application guide accessible from any page on the site located in the upper right corner. We only list the most popular "kits" that people tend to order. Just because you do not see it in a "kit" format, does not mean you can not get it from us.

Q: How many of each part should I buy for my injectors?
A: It is recommended that you purchase extra parts at the time of purchase. It is very easy to tear an o-ring while installing, misplace a filter, crack a pintle cap ect when trying to install new parts. It is much cheaper to buy them at the time of purchase than it is to need to pay for shipping a single o-ring later due to an install error. These are all "replaceable" parts and WILL break, Tear, get lost, or crack. The shipping of a replacement part still costs us money to ship back to you, so unfortunately we must pass that cost back onto you if these extra components are not purchased at the original time of purchase, and you need an additional replacement. These mishaps at install time also cause delays to you, the installer because you don't have a spare $.50 part available to use.  

Q: Which caps do I need the 2-103 or the 2-115? The site says it may appear to take one, but actually require the other.
A: It is recommended that you purchase BOTH of these if you are not sure. This is why we put that "warning" on the site to alert you of this. There is no way to tell on many injectors which one you will need by simply providing us with a make and model. At the time of install you will be happy you spent the additional few cents to make things go smoother rather than having to re-order and pay shipping twice and wait for delivery because you don't have the correct part available to use the first time.  

Q: Do you have parts available for Diesel Injectors?
A: Unfortunately.... No. It may be something we add in the future, but not at this time

Q: I want to send my injectors in for service, should I buy the parts you will need to replace?
A: No.
Components will be replaced if you select to have them Cleaned and Flow Tested, or Dynamic Cleaning. There is no need to purchase the components unless you have a side feed injector. Side feed filters are not replaced with service.

Q: I have Side Feed Injectors, will the filters be replaced with Cleaning?
A: No. Included in the price of service, Side Feed injectors will have their filters ultrasonically cleaned, not replaced. Should you want them replaced, you will need to purchase them through the site.

Q: How do I change the parts once I get them?
A: If you are unsure of your ability to swap out an o-ring or change a pintle cap, then you more than likely should not be attempting this.

Q: Do you have an instruction manual for replacing the filter?
A: No. We do however have a removal tool that is available for purchase. Without the tool, you can use a simple machine screw clamped by a vice and gently turn the injector on the screw and pull away from the screw when you feel it catch. The filters are not that difficult to remove. Installing the new filter is as easy as dropping the filter in place and gently tapping on it with the flip side of the removal tool until it sits flush. That's it. Done.

Q: Do you have an instruction manual for replacing the pintle caps?
A: No. This is as straight forward as replacing the filter. If the Caps have not cracked off your injector and you need to remove them, the best thing to do is to use a utility knife to make a single cut down one side of the cap to be able to easily pry the cap off.
Installing the new cap is as easy as sliding the new cap on. Common sense will tell you that these caps need to be tight, so they may feel like they are the wrong size. If that is the case, heating the cap prior to applying pressure to slide them on will ensure the plastic is not as brittle and will not crack your new cap. Again, it is always recommended to buy more than the number of injectors you are servicing to allow for any install errors.
*Be VERY careful when installing new caps on Pintle Style injector. If you are using a hard surface to press the caps on, be sure there is enough clearance under your hard surface to not damage the injectors pintle. At home, you can use a piece of wood with a hole drilled in it as a "relief" for the actual pintle when applying pressure to the injector to fit it with a new cap. 


Q: Are there instructions that comes with the o-rings?
A: No. It is all very self-explanatory. I have never seen instructions for underwear, but I would imagine they would be very similar to the instructions for o-rings. They would probably read something similar to this:

Step 1: Remove old Crusty (replace Crusty with your choice of many words) o-rings. (You could also replace o-rings with Underwear)
Step 2: Clean area crusty o-rings came from with a clean cloth.
Step 3: Replace with the newly purchased o-rings.
Step 4: Dispose of crusty o-rings.