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Q: Why can't I find your phone number?
A: We have taken the time to answer any question someone may have prior to buying any item we may have for sale. If there are additional questions, emailing a detailed question to us is the best way to ask us a question you may not have been able to answer on the site.  

Q: OMG, OMG, OMG... Tracking to you shows my injectors arrived but are waiting to be picked up! is something wrong, are they safe, are you even still in business!?!?!? I am filing a dispute with my credit card company!
A: Nothing is wrong. Inbound shipping to us using USPS tracking is not instantanious. We pick-up all the days packages at one time each day. USPS "tracking" system is not exactly the best and is sometimes up to 24hr delayed.

Q: I can't find an overnight shipping option at check-out?
A: Yes, you are correct. We do not offer an overnight shipping option any longer as people do not understand what that actually means. We dont have drones delivering items 5 minutes from the time an order is placed which is what people seem to think when ordering "overnight"
, so we took the option away. If you have a reason to be overnighted, please use the contact us form and we can try to work something out for you.

Q: Why can't I come drop off my injectors or pick up my order?
A: We closed the retail store front for many reasons.

Q: Why is shipping for my order so much?