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Non-Believer Flow Test Video

Non-Believer Flow Test Video
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We often are questioned by customers about the results provided by our service.
Ok, we get it. We understand the skepticism.

-There are other companies that do not have the proper equipment or experience to provide you with correct results. We are not one of them.
-Maybe you think we will do NO actual flow testing and pull random numbers from the sky and provided them as your results. Not the case.
-Sometimes the results provided to you do not match what you have in your head as to what the results "should have been" because you read something on a forum somewhere.

Should you need proof that we actually did the job you are paying us for, here is your chance for proof. This is for all those customers that like to tell us what is possible or impossible.

You Can NOT add this service after we receive your injectors, you need to add this to the order BEFORE sending them in for service. Just because we can service your injectors does not mean we can travel back in time and get them in the condition they were when you sent them in. To get Before and After results video, we need to know BEFORE we get started on your injectors.

Please note that this service can NOT be combined with Same Day service and may cause up to a day delay in service. Adding this service will result in a much slower than normal turnaround time. Remember, we have to stop our normal routine to get the cameras out and prove we are actually working.... We dont like doing it, so we put it off until the workload in the shop allows us the time to take a video.