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Warranty Policy

Each injector serviced is tested before returning them to the customer with state of the art equipment at the service level they have selected and paid for.

We assume no liability and will not pay for labor, damage, rental car, hotel, towing claims, etc. arising from the installation or use of the serviced fuel injectors and/or purchased injectors. We do not authorize any person, agent, distributor, dealer, repair technician, service facility, or company to change, modify, supplement or amend this policy. We are not responsible for any items lost during shipment to or from our facility.

We have no control to insure the proper installation or knowledge the condition of the rest of the fuel system. Improper handling and/or installation can damage the injector and may cause fuel leaks. It is recommended that you consult a service manual specific for your application or hire a trained mechanic if needed.

We do not warranty cleaned injectors, since no moving components are replaced during the course of our service. If you believe that you have an injector problem after receiving your serviced injectors, please contact within 15 days and we will attempt to help determine what the problem may be. 

If you purchased serviced injectors from us and there was a warranty stated, the warranty is on the injecotr itself, NOT on the cleaning. Should you need the injectors cleaned, we offer that service by clicking "Injector Cleaning" on the left side of any page on the site. Price of this is NOT included in the warranty. 



Warranty FAQ's

Q: What is the warranty policy?
A: Please see above.

Q: I installed the injectors, they ran great, but now they are leaking. Why?
A: Simply put, whatever lead to needing to address your injectors in the first place was not addressed. 

Q: I don't understand, are you saying you are not at fault, this is my problem?
A: We only service and see the injector. The entire rest of your fuel system has the potential to cause damage and foul your injectors. If the issue leading you to addressing your injectors in the first place was not addressed, the newly installed injectors are being exposed to the same contaminants. Think of it this way.... There is broken glass, nails, screws and other sharp debris all over your driveway. You back your car out and drive a few miles only to notice that the tires are flat, filled with holes and torn up. You take your car to get new tires. After they are replaced, you drive home. Everything seems great as you pull into your driveway, never cleaning up the debris, and are puzzled as to how these tires could be flat. How dare that tire shop say the tires they put on would work!  

Q: So there is nothing I can do?
A: Of course there is! We will happily help you get your injectors back to new, however there are costs on your end to be aware of before sending them back for repair. We have a discounted rate for these situations, but inbound and return shipping will also need to be paid by the customer.  

Q: Another company says they provide a 5 year unlimited mile warranty, why shouldn't I just go there?
A: Good luck with them should you have a problem. We tell you upfront what to expect. We do not hide behind vague implied warranties. There is no company that will offer more of a warranty that we do, we are just upfront about it.