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Yamaha 150 Outboard (Set of 4) NO CORE

Yamaha 150 Outboard (Set of 4) NO CORE
0.75 lbs
Our price:

2004 - 2010 Yamaha 150 4 Stroke Outboard Injectors.

Fully Serviced ready to ship with paperwork and NO downtime.

Set of 4 Injectors

All New Filters, o-rings, and Grommets.

NO Cores are required to be sent back to us. You own these outright and this leaves you the option to send your current set to us for service to get back and keep as a spare set.

Why are these cheaper than the set that requires a core to be returned? Simple. We would rather you buy them outright. Some people INSIST on sending their cores back to us for some reason. It becomes a huge complicated process trying to figure out who owes what and has sent back cores that are not acceptable and only is due partial refund. In addition, it allows the end user to KEEP their cores and maybe send them in for service so they have a spare set for when their injectors foul again. With Yamahas, its isn't a question of IF they will foul, but WHEN they will.