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Customer Reviews

We recently sent out a customer satisfaction survey using surveymonkey to get a better feel for our customer's wants and needs. This was done to help us better our service to the end user. In the survey, customers were asked a series of questions that we were able to analyze. There were a few outlandish ideas, but there were some great ideas as well. Thank You to all who participated!


Our first question was "How would you describe your overall experience when using Injector-Rehab.com"

We are pleased to anounce we received a 99.1% rating of "Excelent" out of 622 customers who replied!

Here are just a few of the feedback notes we received

"service improved my motorcycle performance,and as a motorcycle racers we enjoy a fast turn-around,and you guys are fast!"


"I've tried quite a few online injector cleaning services, but I can confidently saw Injector Rehab provided the best service, price, website and phone support. I would recommend them to anyone that wants a cleaner running, better performing car." ~Joshua A.


"First time Customer and Loved it!!!! Great Price, Easy Tracking of Products, and Good Turn Around. Better than the Competitors."


"This is the way every business should do business. Im sending another set in this week. Thanks injector rehab!"


"My gas mileage went from around 25 mpg average to around 28 mpg average, and also got rid of my CEL that I had been figuring was the O2 sensor but ended up being the injectors. I am actually sending in another set of injectors at this time expecting even better results." -Dennis V.


"Injector-Rehab was awesome and exceeded my expectations both times. I sent in four injectors and they made them look new and replaced all the washers and gaskets...for less than I would have paid for the washers. The before and after graph sheets are a nice touch to show how sad the injectors were before hand." -Mark S


"Great customer service, fast turn-around time, great price, excellent work. What more would you ask for? I would highly recommend Injector-Rehab to anyone that needs their injectors serviced!! Thank you Keith!!"


"Service was great, communication was great. Turnaround time was as advertised. My injectors came back nice and clean and the technical data included with the service is really cool. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Injector-Rehab.com to anyone who needed injector service." -Jim S.


"I was pleasantly surprised with the speed of the service also the price of a replacement injector. Thanks to this service I was able to turn around the repair in 3 days, less time than it would be to order and receive 1 injector from a 'big box' store, and for less money."


"I have had injectors serviced by Injector-Rehab on numerous occasions. Every one of them was a pleasant experience. They provide a great service, turn-around time is very quick, a spec-sheet is ALWAYS provided outlying in detail the state of the injector before and after the service. Their price is the best I have found and its not at the sacrifice of service. New seals are also provided after service and old filters/seals are returned just "so you know". I highly recommend them to anyone looking to have their injectors serviced and I will not go anywhere else." -H. Johnson


"I think the online ticketing system and order tracking is essential. So easy to know what is going on with my injectors. Whenever anyone brings up buying new injectors in conversation, I mention injector rehab, hoping they would use that as an option prior to purchasing replacement injectors."


"After a good deal of research, I realized how important having my injectors professionally cleaned and serviced was. I had tried several off the shelf cleaning process, and even had my injectors "professionally cleaned" by a service shop in the vehicle. Ultimately this proved to be nothing but a waste of my time and money. After finding the Injector-Rehab site, I was impressed with the amount of information they provided about the process and additional support information for builders. I called IR to verify everything the website said, and to make myself feel a little better having wasted so much on "cleaning services" in the past. I found the people at IR to be informative, professional and eager to answer any questions I had about the service. So I decided to give it a try. The process is incredibly easy. The automated tracking system on the website keeps you informed through the entire process. Once my injectors were returned, they looked like new! And the service reports clearly showed how clogged some of my injectors really were. After installing the injectors the improvement was noticeable. I had originally had them serviced to improve gas mileage, but also gained a noticeable improvement in pedal response and the disappearance of hesitation and flat spots. Clearly the improved atomization and flow of my injectors has had a positive effected my engine and my driving experience. Of all the "cleaning" products and services I have tried, this is the only one that actually cleaned my injectors. I would highly recommend this service to anyone servicing their injection system." -John Houston TX


"This Injector cleaning service is great. What more could you ask for?? Very good communications with them. A very good price, (others I had investigated cost almost twice as much, as all I was paying for is the "NAME" of the company). Very quick shipment. My hard start problem is gone. I have another set of injectors that I am going to send in for inspections and cleaning, just to have a spare set. Thanks all" -C. Manning

"Thank you very much I received the injectors today and the car runs better than ever. I brought it, along with the flow sheet that you provided back to the last mechanic that looked at it. He refunded the amount of your service to me :)" -David

"Injector-Rehab had my fuel injectors done FAST, and returned to me a couple days later. The order tracking system is one of the best I've seen, with continual updates on what is going on with your injectors. Even email responses were quick, which is more than a lot of the better known internet businesses out there can say."


"I found injector-rehab on D-series.org. Sent out an email regarding about cleaning a used set of 450cc DSM Injectors. Very quick and detailed on the response. It was also very convenient for me since their shop is located about 45 minutes away from my house. Met Keith personally for the first time and he's very professional, almost feels like you have known the guy for a long time. To be able to communicate to a customer and make them feel you are in good hands is always a plus. 2 thumbs up for injector-rehab!" -James C