Largest Fuel Injector Pintle cap selection available. We have every cap from a wide range of injectors for top feed, side feed and hose-end injectors. A pintle cap is the small replaceable piece of the injector designed to protect the fragile pintle end of a fuel injector. Over time as pintle style injectors have been replaced with a disc style injector. The newer  pintle cap is more of an o-ring retainer.

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Bosch Denso Pintle Cap


Mazda Toyota Nippondenso Pintle Cap


Nissan JECS Pintle Cap


BMW Finned Pintle Cap Large Hole


Toyota Denso Cap


Denso Cap


BMW Finned Pintle Cap (Pintle style)


D-Jetronic Pintle Cap


Bosch Type-3 Retainer Flat


Delphi GM Top Feed Pintle Cap


Bosch OEM Pintle Cap


Lexus Toyota Pintle Cap


Bosch Pintle Cap Universal


Bosch Type-3 Retainer


Honda Acura Suzuki (Marine) Pintle Cap


Denso Lexus Toyota RX8 Cap


Honda Acura Keihin Wide Pintle Cap


Bosch Ford TBI Pintle Cap


Bosch Ford Pintle Cap


Bosch Nylon Spacer


Chrysler Mitsubishi 2 Hole Pintle Cap


Bosch Cap


Bosch Type-3 Upper O-Ring Retainer


Bosch Chrysler DSM Pintle Cap