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Service FAQ's

Q: How much does it cost? - (#1 Question.. About 10 times a day!!)
A: Service prices and options are posted right on the site. They are not hidden! It is also in HUGE letters on the home page in a big Red Starburst along with instructions on how to get to the cleaning section for pricing and info. Please look in the "Categories" section under "Injector Cleaning"

Q: Did you receive my injectors?
A: Tracking numbers are provided by the shipping company for a reason. (To track your package.) We suggest you take advantage of the tracking system provided by the shipping company to track your package.

Q: Do you offer a discount for sending in "a lot" of injectors at once?
A: Yes, we offer an insurance program to reduce the overall cost for those who use this service on a regular basis. Please contact us with any questions about this.

Q: What parts do I need for my injector?
A: Each item has an example of the type of injector the component fits under the "Detailed Images" tab in the product description. These are not
the only injectors they fit, but is a great starting point. Please take some time and look through before asking as 99% of the time your answer is on the site. We also have a detailed application guide accessible from any page on the site located in the upper right corner.

Q: How many of each part should I buy for my injectors?
A: It is recommended that you purchase extra parts at the time of purchase. It is very easy to tear an o-ring while installing, misplace a filter, crack a pintle cap ect when trying to install new parts. It is much cheaper to buy them at the time of purchase than it is to need to pay for shipping a single o-ring later due to an install error. These are all "replaceable" parts and WILL break, Tear, get lost, or crack. The shipping of a replacement part still costs us money to ship back to you, so unfortunately we must pass that cost back onto you if these extra components are not purchased at the original time of purchase, and you need an additional replacement. These mishaps at install time also cause time delays on you, the installer because you don't have a spare $.50 part available to use.  

Q: I have side-feed injectors, can you service these?
A: Yes we can. We have the equipment to service all types of Fuel injectors.

Q: Can I send my diesel injectors to you for service?
A: Unfortunately.... No. We do not service diesel injectors. We do however offer an exchange program for Ford Powerstroke, Cummins, International, and Duramax injectors. You can find that price list under our Diesel Section.

Q: Will my o-rings, grommets, filters ect be replaced with the service?
A: Yes, but that depends on the service you have selected.
Components will NOT be replaced if you select to have them flow tested only. If select Clean and Flow or the Dynamic service, YES they WILL be replaced. Side Feed filters are the exception and will only be cleaned, not replaced unless you purchase the filters in addition to the service.

Q: Can you return the old used parts that have been replaced?
A: Yes we can, and do return them. It is standard practice to return these parts. Please make sure you include the original parts that came from the injectors being serviced. Sometimes these parts tell us a story about the injectors being serviced. If you were experiencing a leak and remove all o-rings before sending them in for service, we would not be able to tell you where the leak was coming from.

Q: Can I send my injectors in for service if they are still in the fuel rail?
A: Injectors can be sent in still in the fuel rail but additional charges will apply for Injector-Rehab to remove the injectors. The additional cost is $6 per injector. Injector-Rehab will not be held responsible for ANY damage caused from the removal process. We recommend removing the injectors from the rail yourself.

Q: If my injectors (or one of my injectors) is not serviceable, will I still be charged?
A: You will not be charged if we can not perform the service. If the injector is DOA (Dead on arrival) we will not perform the service. However, there is a minimum bench charge of $5 per injector for tests performed to declare the injector "DOA". The difference will be credited back to you.

Q: What can I do if my injector(s) have been declared "DOA"?
A: In a lot of cases, we are able to source a replacement. The replacement injectors are from various sources. Most are serviced injectors out of other cars. The price and availability vary depending on many things such as: Time (we may be able to get them, just no cores available at that time), Injector part number / how common it is ect. In all cases, there is a core charge in addition to the price of the injector. Unfortunately, if you find yourself in this scenario, you do not have a "usable" core and the core charge will apply and is not refundable.

Q: If you can source my injectors, why don't you offer an exchange program?
A: Honestly, it is not a good idea. You theoretically could send in a set of injectors that have... say 10K miles on them and get back a set we have on the shelf that have 125K miles on them that have been serviced. It is not a very smart thing to do and we highly recommend staying away from programs such as this. It is better to have yours serviced than to "trade" them in for another set.

Q: I am an international customer. Do you offer service for international customers?
A: Yes we do. You will need to email us your location to get a quote as injector service includes free shipping for US Customers, but is not included in International Shipments. This is an additional Cost over what the shopping cart system can calculate at check-out.

Q: Where do I send my injectors to for service?
A: Shipping Address is:

PO Box 1547
Blackwood, NJ 08012

Q: I am ready to send my injectors to you for service, Is there anything else I need to do?
A: Yes. Please purchase the service you wish to receive in the online store to allow you to print your receipt invoice to include with your injectors. This paid invoice MUST be sent in with your injectors.

Q: I live close by, Can I come by and drop them off and wait for service to be completed?
A: Unfortunately, No. We have moved from our Somerdale location where our old facilities had a waiting room with magazines, arcade games, television and other amenities to keep customers busy while their service was completed. Our new facility does not have this capability and our insurance does not allow customers in the lab. Sorry for any trouble this may cause you.
No we will not take drop off injectors even if you are planning to "Come back latter for them",

Q: PLEASE can I drop them off?
A: Sorry. You can keep asking but the answer is going to be the same. Don't be the person that tries to break us down for days to get us to let you do this when three days later trying to get us to let you drop them off, you could have just had your injectors back. We can't tell you how many times this has happened.  Current record is held by a man named Richard who asked every day for 2 weeks only to mail them in and have them back out to him the same day we received them and in his hands the following. Don't be like Richard.

Q: How long can I let my injectors sit around after being serviced before using them again?
A: We recommend that you reinstall them within at least 30 days of service date. We DO make it standard practice to lubricate the injector's internals after service, but depending on the individual injector some problems can occur if left sitting to long. Some of these problems can include, but are not limited to, poor spray pattern, becoming stuck open or closed or leaking under pressure.
If this is the case and your service date is within 45 days of the date you contact us about the problem, you can send the injectors back to us to correct the issue at no additional service cost. You will be responsible for inbound and outbound shipping. Please note that some injectors may show these symptoms sooner than 30 days by design. 30 Days is the average for top feed. Side-Feed and TBI injectors should be installed and used within 15 days as these injectors tend to show these symptoms much sooner!

Q: I sent my injectors in a while ago and have not received them back and have heard nothing about them?
Chances are that you did not follow the instructions and include any paperwork (from checking in) in your package. We receive dozens of packages a day. If you did not include any info (your Invoice) we have no idea who sent us the package. Many people use a shipping store like the UPS Store or mailboxes ect and we have no return address. We are in the injector business, we don't do investigating. If a package is sent with no info, we put it in our lost and found pile until we are contacted. We will not chase you down to try to figure out who sent in what package.